Graphic Design Portfolio

Below are some of my graphic design projects. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the full project in another window.


Colorado Symphony Concert Mailer

For this project, I had to design a creative poster for the Colorado Symphony. This project was essentially all about space, as it had to be designed to be cut and folded as a concert mailer - 5x3in. With all the information provided, I had to make it fit but also make it beautiful.

Expressive Text

In this project I experimented with expression in text. The words themselves display their own meaning. Using ingenuity I came up with the different ways the words could be expressed visually.

Interactive Infographic

The following project is an interactive infographic prototype. I created an infographic app about the (sad) statistics of women & film. Through this infographic, the user is educated as well as entertained by the aesthetics and graphics.

Principles of Design

This project visualized the 16 principles of design. It really boils down graphic design to its original foundations, and helped me grow as a graphic designer - giving me the base understanding of design.

Resume Flipping

In this project, I flipped a word document resume into a designed, graphically pleasing resume. The first page of this document is the “before” resume, the second is the “after” and my final work.